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Welcome to the s3gw project

About the project

The s3gw project is split into 4 work streams: rgw/sfs-ceph (backend), s3gw (tooling), s3gw-charts (helm charts) and s3gw-ui (frontend).

Project vision

What are we doing?

The s3gw project helps Kubernetes users who need object storage (S3) to back up their application data to a (Longhorn) PV by offering a lightweight, Open Source S3 service, which is easy to deploy in a Cloud Native world.

Why are we doing it?

We have identified a need for making cluster data backups easily available for apps that do not require petabyte-scale storage.


  • An intuitive UI
  • S3 API compatibility
  • Kubernetes-native management
  • Leverages the feature-rich S3 gateway from Ceph
  • Strong integration with the Rancher Portfolio

Use cases

  • Epinio: Backups/CRDs
  • Harvester: Backups
  • OPNI: Backups
  • K3S/Edge
  • SAP Data Intelligence

Value proposition

  • Ideal for small-scale deployments/Edge
  • Lightweight, simple User Experience
  • Simple: Storage/replication handled by a PV (Longhorn)
  • Designed to integrate with Rancher's product catalog
  • Open source licensing (Apache 2.0)