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Release Notes - v0.5.0

This release add a few small fixes to the last release, especially in the UI. In addition to that, testing and other development processes have improved quite a bit.

This release is meant for testing and feedback gathering. It is not recommended for production use.

Should a bug be found and not expected to be related to the list below, one should feel encouraged to file an issue in our github repository.


  • UI: Add Dashboard widget framework. aquarist-labs/s3gw#91
  • UI: Add Total users and Total buckets Dashboard widgets.
  • Chart: The variables hostnameNoTLS, ui.hostname and ui.hostnameNoTLS has been added to configure the hostnames of the S3GW and S3GW-UI.
  • Chart: Defaulted ui.enabled to true.


  • S3GW: Fixed the admin API request: get-bucket-info where the client was receiving an empty response. aquarist-labs/s3gw#87
  • UI: Mark the user/bucket quota settings in the user form as non-functional because the feature is not properly supported by the S3GW. aquarist-labs/s3gw#106
  • Chart: Rename the access_key and secret_key variable names according the Helm Chart best practices guide to accessKey and secretKey.
  • Chart: Rename the enableIngress variable to ingress.enabled.
  • Chart: Relocate the variables imageRegistry_ui, imageName_ui, imageTag_ui and imagePullPolicy_ui to ui.imageRegistry, ui.imageName, ui.imageTag and ui.imagePullPolicy

Breaking Changes

  • None

Known Issues

  • Multipart uploads don't work