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Reorganize Documentation

The documentation may be hard to navigate from an outside perspective

The structure of the documentation may be hard to navigate for someone unfamiliar with the project. In particular, the following points stick out:

  • The top level order should be:
  • quick start
  • detailed installation and operation instructions
  • detailed technical information for developers
  • how to contribute
  • about & license
  • Some subsections should be moved:
  • using the helm chart belongs in installation/operations, not development
  • build instructions (including those for the containers) belong in the development section
  • operating the gateway on longhorn belongs in installation/operations
  • roadmap possibly and decision records definitively belong with the technical information for developers
  • The development section should be ordered such that it's easy for newcomers
  • first subsection should describe general architectural information
  • second subsection should describe the build instructions
  • third subsection should describe testing

Considered Options

Not reorganizing

  • It's hard to intuitively locate detailed installation instructions as they are currently filed under 'Developing the s3gw'
  • Technical decisions are stored in their own section, not with the other technical documentation. Meaning that there are two possible places to find technical information in
  • Just reading the table of contents gives the impression that developing the s3gw is the most important thing one can do with it, as detailed installation instructions are in the fourth section, after developer and build instructions
  • Contribution instructions are buried within other sections, making it just a bit less convenient to find them


  • The most important information for a new user is 'how do I use this thing', so the installation and operation instructions should be the first section after 'Welcome & Quickstart'
  • All technical information in one place (the development section), including build instructions
  • Entry bar for contributions (bugreport/issues are contributions too) is as low as possible, with the information on how to contribute being well visible and quickly reachable at the top level
  • MADR and decisions are not a top level item, but filed away neatly in the developer documentation

Decision Outcome