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Installing s3gw with Helm charts

Before you begin, ensure you install Helm. To install, see the documentation or run the following:

curl -fsSL -o
chmod 700

Clone the s3gw-charts repo and change directory:

git clone
cd s3gw-charts

Configuring values.yaml

Helm charts can be customized for your Kubernetes environment. For a default installation, the only option you are required to update is the domain and then set the options on the command line directly using helm --set key=value.

Note: We do recommend at least updating the default access credentials, but it is not necessary for a test installation. See the options section for more details.

Once the domain has been configured, the chart can then be installed from within the repository directory:

cd s3gw-charts
helm install $RELEASE_NAME charts/s3gw --namespace $S3GW_NAMESPACE \
    --create-namespace -f /path/to/your/custom/values.yaml

For details on the various s3gw releases and names, see the release section on GitHub.