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S3GW metrics leverage the Ceph Perf Counters system already built into RGW.

On top of Perf Counters we export additional 1D Prometheus-style histograms (Ceph's histograms are 2D) using a built in Prometheus endpoint part of the status frontend.

The prometheus endpoint implementation is separate from Ceph Exporter or the Ceph Mgr Prometheus Module.

Status Frontend

s3gw supports an additional RGW frontend status offering a read-only view into the application's state. The frontend is optional and can be activated aside the beast frontend doing the S3 HTTP.

Most status frontend pages are text-based and meant for human consumption. An exception is the Prometheus endpoint exporting perf counters as Prometheus Exposition Format

To enable the status frontend including the Prometheus endpoint, add the status frontend to rgw_frontends . On the command line this may look like:

--rgw-frontends 'beast port=7480, status bind= port=9090'


A S3GW dashboard is available on Grafana Hub with ID 19544.

Prometheus Scraping Setup

The Prometheus endpoint is available on the status frontend address at /prometheus

Example configuration:

  - job_name: 's3gw-status'
    metrics_path: '/prometheus'
      - targets: