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Release Notes - v0.15.0

This release focuses on stabilizing our continuous integration and release process. In this context, we have also addressed a number of issues that was affecting our testing framework when automatically triggered by CI.

Although this activity may not result in any direct user-facing improvements, it plays a crucial role in maintaining a stable environment for the upcoming major enhancements that the s3gw team is currently developing.

We continue to address the regular issues that affect all of s3gw's components.

This release is meant for testing and feedback gathering. It is not recommended for production use.

Should a bug be found and not expected to be related to the list below, one should feel encouraged to file an issue in our GitHub repository.


  • SFS: Improve error handling and robustness of non-multipart PUT operations.
  • SFS: Telemetry: the backend now periodically exchanges data with our upgrade responder.
  • UI: Add tags support for objects.


  • CI: Various fixes focused on the stabilization and the consistency of the process.
  • Tests: Various fixes related with the integration with both the CI and the release process.

Breaking Changes

  • None

Known Issues

  • SFS: Non-versioned GETs may observe dirty data of concurrent non-multipart PUTs.